5 happy ways to start the day

Don’t worry be happy. Hands up who wants to start the day with a smile? Then read on.

1. Stretch it out

Hands over your head. Legs pushed out from under the covers. Screw your face up and make a long, loud groan-yawn. Celebrate a successful sleep by feeling your body wake up.

2. Drink it up

Remember the days when glugging milk or sucking on a beer was the only way to quench your thirst? Well, ‘Good Morning, Sunshine’, it’s time to slug on a bottle of water before heading out of bed. Days are great when you re-hydrate

3. Daily love

What were you thinking? Daily love is asking this very easy question, ‘Who do I love?’ We are all wondering if we are loved or not but do we ever think who it is that we’re thankful for? It will change your day thinking of all the people who make you smile.

4. Intention question

This is such a good way to set out your day. It could be healthy eating, being kind to your new boss, calling or not calling your sister – whatever it is you can place the order and let the intention guide your decisions for the day.

5. Write it ALL down

We are told that keeping a journal can help us manage our feelings. What about keeping a journal to manage how we want to feel? Make a list of how you want to feel that day. Every morning before you get out of bed, write it down and close the book. Feels great to view your past lists the next morning to see just how much joy we can create.