5 ways to motivate yourself

‘Motivate me!’ You cry. I wish I could…here are 5 ways you can motivate yourself to make change happen.

1. Cattle Prod Commute

Do you spend time yelling at other commuters? Motivation comes from the brain’s dopamine levels being lifted by positive mood enhancers. Podcasts? TED Talks? Listening to music? Whatever it is, lose yourself in its beauty and arrive at work ready for action.

2. Who has the energy?

We always say ‘there’s not enough time in the day.’ Do we actually mean, ‘I just don’t have the energy’? You can build a routine around the peaks and troughs of your energy so staying motivated through a 2pm meeting is no longer necessary because you’re aware of what you need.

3. Expand and contract

Focus requires a burst of intense energy. We can lose motivation when we keep burning out from all that focus. Be expansive for 25 minutes and let the focus drive your work. Stop for 5 minutes. Then back into it for 25 minutes. Repeat this cycle and then take a 25 minute break. You deserve it.

4. Be here

You can motivate yourself and the people you’re with by being in the room. They don’t need to see a cheerleader routine they need to see you put away your phone, lean in to listen and make eye contact. Bring yourself fully into the interaction and everyone has the chance to feel motivated.

5. Rejuvenate with gratitude

So you get to the end of the day and you know things haven’t gone 100% your way. There is only one thing to do…write or mentally form a list of at least 5 things you can be thankful for and watch how you start feeling motivated to make that list even bigger, tomorrow.

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