5 ways to achieve your goals

Take time to make time. Set your goals, look around and be a part of the change you want to see.

1. Break down your goals

Take one step at a time. We all know that a pizza is easier to eat when cut into slices. A goal becomes more realistic when you make sure that you don’t need to take a huge leap to achieve it. The smaller the steps, the easier the climb.

2. Keep your goals close

Write your two top goals and place them in your wallet. You most likely use your wallet every day, so you’ll see you goals before you every day. Goals are often associated with making more money; the more money you make, the more you’ll use your wallet. The more you use your wallet, the more often you’ll see your goals in front of you.

3. List the benefits of achieving your goals

This is great when we are setting goals for experiences that are either out of our comfort zone or a necessity to get to our next step. By listing the benefits of accomplishing that goal you can remind yourself what the end result will be and stay persistent.

4. Consult outsiders

Bounce your idea or goal off someone who isn’t in your line of work or from a different background – someone who has no clue what you’re trying to do. They can give a totally fresh perspective and give you an unexpected insight to your journey.

5. Take your own path

You know what is best for you. If you stray off the path or get distracted remember you can always use the experience to inform your next step to reach your set goals. It’s not the outcome that’s important; it’s the person you have become while getting there.