5 ways of persistence and determination

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

1. Ignore Everyone Else

Look at how that person runs past me as I walk. Then I remember, I don’t know what they are struggling with, what darkness they deal with every day, what problems they have to face. Am I really willing to give up because I’ve seen a tiny snapshot of someone else’s life? No way.

When it comes to conquering a goal, what’s happening with others is irrelevant when it detracts from your ability to move forward. Use your energy to propel yourself forward.

2. Become Your Own Biggest Supporter

Are you further along than you were last week or last month or last year?

Are you happy with your progress?

I wanted to give up waiting for a ticket to a music festival. I’d been in line for five hours. We were three people from the ticket counter and my friend said to me, ‘Don’t give up. Look how far we’ve come!’ as she pointed at the five hour line behind me.

Celebrate your success.

3. Stop and Appreciate the Little Things

Look around you. While we are reaching for over there we forget to appreciate what is before us. Say thank you to the person who helped you. Let someone you know you were thinking of them today. Smile in the mirror. You’re always doing the best you can with the tools you have at your disposal. Congratulate yourself and always take notice of the little things that got you where you are today.

4. Stop Looking For a Way Out

You can spend time looking for a way out or you can spend time looking for a way forward. Acknowledge your limitations. Use your grit and energy to force the moment to overcome momentary pain and discomfort (like leaving a snug bed to go for a run). Start where you are at and give yourself what you need to succeed. Your road doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s road to success. You are OK just as you are today.

5. Focus on the Next Step

When you look at how far away the end goal is then it can be so easy to be discouraged. You can make mini-goals that makes every stage more manageable.  When your goal seems too big, it can feel impossible, which opens the door for resistance to creep in. By breaking your target into bite-sized pieces, you can keep yourself in motion and build momentum.

Turn your own journey into a path that’s so intoxicating, so fun, so exiting and delicious that you won’t be minding the business of anyone but your very own. You will stop comparing yourself to anyone but your yesterday self for a better version of your tomorrow. Keep doing! Keep going!

You’ve got this!