5 ways to deal with Anger at work

‘She doesn’t have a brain!’ A workmate exclaimed in fury the other day. It got me thinking, how do we control our emotions at work?

1. Red Flags.

The key to noticing red flags is knowing what they are for you. Anger is a reaction not a response. Find out more about yourself so you know what the danger signs are for you.

2. Let people know.

You can use the words ‘red flag’ to the person with you and ask for the situation to stop. Close your eyes, deliberately breathe – you want to interrupt your angry thoughts.

3. Picture this.

Step outside of yourself and watch how you are acting in the situation. Managing your anger is about being able to understand no one wants to work with a yelling, red-faced, arm flailing maniac.

4. Respect for all.

You are in a workplace and there is no guarantee you are going to like everyone.  You can put your ego and pride aside and be indiscriminately courteous and respectful to others. Trust me, it makes for a better work day. J

5. Set an example.

Not getting angry doesn’t mean that you will stand for rude and unprofessional situations. Stay assertive. You can do this by setting an example of calm resilience even if this means leaving the situation.

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