5 ways to deal with frustration at work.

You’re not the first person to be frustrated at work but what can you do about it?

1. Stop


You can react or you can respond. React to what is happening at work and we can find ourselves reacting with all the compounding frustration like, ‘why do people litter?’ or

‘Can’t the kids put the bin out for collection?’ or ‘Why didn’t I get that job I really wanted? – suddenly it becomes ALL of your co-worker’s fault. So just stop for a second.

 2. Evaluate

One way to really work out how to respond and not react is to write it down and be so specific about what’s frustrating you. Next, you write one positive thing about your situation. For example, my co-worker is always late to the meeting so I always get the best of the Arnotts’ selection with my cup of tea. J

3. Frustration in perspective

Take another look at what’s frustrating you. Get up on the metaphorical balcony and look upon your workplace. This small change in perspective can improve your mood. Does any of it really have anything to do with you?

4. Deliberate or Not Deliberate? That is the question.

Can you be sure that your co-worker/manager understands that what they are doing or saying annoys you? You need to test the waters. When it happens, on the spot, ask them, ‘Do you know how frustrating it is when you turn up late for meetings?’ and if they answer yes – then you can stop being frustrated and start dealing with your co-worker and their issues.

 5. Don’t forget to ask.

Remember the last time you felt frustrated? What was the outcome? Did the frustration lead anywhere? Don’t ever forget you have other options than letting other folks get you down. Try curiosity and ask. ‘That’s interesting. Why did you say/do/think that?’ and see what happens. People come out with the most peculiar answers that usually have nothing to do with you.fatigue

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