5 Ways to deal with worry at work

Worry. Worry. Worry…what if it doesn’t have to look like this? Read more for 5 ways to worry less.

1. Like attracts like

If you are in the lunch room and all your co-workers are looping about job cuts and who is up who and who hasn’t paid. You can choose to sit down and surround yourself with worry and anxiety or you can take your lunch somewhere peaceful. Which one of these options leads to more worry at work?

2. Breathe it in/Breathe in out

What does it mean when someone says, ‘take a breath’? It seems like a flippant comment but breathing in for five seconds and then breathing slowly out for five seconds can change your day. Do it for at least five times and concentrate solely on your breath. Worry less.

3.What choices do you have?

Worry reduces options. It closes in on itself. Release your mind in a mind-map. You worry that no one will turn up to your event. Draw it out on a page and look at what you can do to improve the situation.

4. Worry Less in a Worry Log.

Churning worries can really affect your work day. It also affects the people around you. A Worry Log lets you get the concern onto paper and then you can schedule a time later in the day to deal with them.

5. How likely is it?

A risk analysis looks like this – you compare the risk of injury/damage to the likelihood of it happening. Once you can score your list of worries then you can take whatever actions are necessary to mitigate any risks and get on with your day, worry free.

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