5 ways to make an impression that sticks

I want to make a good impression. I have two choices; speak up or keep quiet. I choose to speak up. Find out five more ways here to be the best you can be.

1. Individuality

Why won’t you conform? Because you know how to be yourself and still fit in. You can make an impression that sticks by getting drunk and telling your boss exactly what you think or you can make an impression by sticking to your guns and being as ease with being yourself.

2. Give a little – Take a little

Be interested in what is happening around you. Put your phone away and listen in to what is going on. Ask questions and try nodding a little. Then watch how you become interesting to other people.


3. Do some body talk

People can subconsciously take no notice of you or feel more inclined to talk to you depending on how you point your feet, the position of your shoulders, and the way you shake hands. Practice makes perfect. Don’t cross your arms and put a snarl on your face if you want people remembering you in a positive way.

4. Name it like you mean it

‘Bob, would you like a drink?’

‘What team do you follow, Bob?’

‘Bob, would you like my card?’

‘Bob. Bob. Bob, call me!’

Ok, so don’t get so desperate that your new friend feels impressed upon to never meet up again but do use people’s name and remember their names when you meet up again.

5. Who’s up who? And who hasn’t paid?

Gossip is going to get you into trouble. What kind of impression are you making when the first thing you say to a new co-worker is, ’How about Bob in accounts who drank too much, kept talking about his favourite team, took my card and kept trying to call me…’ Get to know your coworkers, but keep the conversations based on work and small talk, especially when you’re new.