5 ways to stand out in your job application

I’m an obsessive job seeker. I’ll look for me…I’ll look for you…I’ll look and apply and ask questions and I have a few things to share after all these years.

Here are some tips about standing out in a pile of job applications.

1. Speak their language

Why do you want to work here? Well, this is the question you need to ask yourself. As an avid job seeker you can check out the organisation’s website and use the same language they use so they can recognise you’re the best fit. If the language is straight and corporate, then use the same style. If their language is upbeat and casual, then you know you’ll stand out by matching it.

2. They want to hear from you

Hiring managers want to hear from you. You show initiative by reaching out AND they remember your name. When they read your application they may instinctively remember how you asked that interesting question about the application process or showed real interest in the role. Remember, organisations want the best fit. It’s up to you to make them see it’s you.

3. Same, same but different

Do not use a generic application. You wouldn’t use the same line on every person you meet. You want to make a good impression. Research or call up the organisation to find out who to address the application to and always include the name of the business in the cover letter.

4. Showcase your style

I don’t mean neon yellow, scented paper, I mean you can show relatable and relevant sides of yourself that will set you apart from the average Joe. Just like being on a date, a company hiring wants to be charmed – although try not to mention inappropriate hobbies that alienates you from the crowd.

5. Professionalism and Creativity

The best way to stand out is to mention a recent achievement, media or event by the business and tie it into your background to show how you can align with the mission of the business. You show initiative, interest and create a connection with the person reading the application.

It’s your time to shine.