5 ways to entertain yourself 

Do you ever feel like you need to avoid feeling bored?

That’s gotta stop. Getting bored is when we get creative.  It’s when all the juices start flowing and we start getting serious about enjoying life.

Here’s 5 ways to entertain yourself.

1.   Oprah it up.

Do you remember Oprah’s revolutionary vision board? That’s right. You get to use your magazines, scissors and glue again. When I did this the first time I was reluctant to rip and tear out pics and headings that attracted me. I couldn’t cut recklessly – I was so in control…so planned…so well-mannered. Then I remembered that I’m an adult and can do anything I like to these magazines. I tore! I ripped! I flicked and scrunched and I glued those pics onto my cardboard with reckless abandon. I even tasted the glue to see if it tasted the same since my childhood feast days with Perkins Glue (the answer is yes, the taste of glue has changed). It’s the best fun plus having images of attraction on the wall are going to help manifest your desires. Free afternoon? GET MESSY!

2.   Sit still, please.

My grandpa used to say I had ‘ants in my pants’ and I think that’s been the case my whole life until I realised what stillness does. It gives the body and mind time to reset and connect. Emancipate yourself from busy-mess and be present in still-ness. If people don’t understand what you’re doing then hold up a spinning circle and say ‘updating software will restart in 3 minutes’ and sit in stillness till your heart is content.

3.   Reach out and touch (someone/thing)

When you were younger you found your answers by  reaching out and touching. You’d work out that’s hot or cold or for me or it’s someone else’s toy. Now it’s time for you to walk around your house, neighbourhood or park and reach out and touch and really feel what it’s like to feel things. It’s a mindful practice but it’s also very entertaining when your running your hands through your neighbour’s hair (with consent, of course).

4.   Sing-a-dance-a-long

Why not sing to really loud music? It’s carthardic, noisy and feels so good to let go. Choose a 90s classic from Radiohead’s ‘green plastic trees’ to the power Ballard of old, like my fav, ‘total eclipse of the heart’. It’s proven that singing makes for laughing which makes for good times. Drive if you must but sitting around belting out a tune deliberately is revolutionary. Actually, your hips want to move, your arms want to sway and your god-damn-body wants to dance to any tune you choose. If you have time to lean, you have time to be a dancing queen! Bust some moves and be the entertainment you’ve been looking for.

5. #Cookforyourlife

My favourite thing about cooking competition shows is when they yell, ‘Cook for your life’, like someone is going to be literally killed off-camera if they don’t perform. I like to think ‘cook for you life’ means have a healthy go and prepare fresh produce and provide your body with living nutrients. The other day I attempted vegan salted caramel snaps. My partner and I had almond paste butter coming out of our nose from laughing so hard as I tried to explain what it was that made the taste so disgusting! I’d got the reciepe wrong and the taste was a tremendous surprise (not in a positive way). The laughter was worth it. My partner high-fived me and said, ‘hashtag paleolife.’ Entertain yourself and get creative in the kitchen and just use the mantra ‘nailed it!’ – no matter what the outcome.

Aspire – be the change you want in your world.