ASPIRE Facilitation


Why choose ASPIRE Facilitation?

ASPIRE Facilitation is an innovative process that incorporates procedural, behavioural and problem solving techniques so that individuals and teams can make change happen.

What is the ASPIRE Facilitation process?

Alex Grantham – An ASPIRE Active Facilitator.

As an ASPIRE active facilitator, I can be contracted for a short term need, such as when a decision needs to be made quickly and a problem needs to be solved.

Typically, in ASPIRE active facilitation, I meet with you to prepare for the meeting and agree on the outcome. I then actively lead your team through the process to achieve the desired results, allowing everyone to participate fully in the session.

In your meeting, your I will:

  • Keep things focused, on point, and productive,
  • Foster constructive conversation,
  • Create an energetic, engaging environment that encourages new ideas,
  • Bring diverse groups together and manage conflict, and
  • Guide your team to a collaborative decision and actionable plan

During team implementation projects, I may start off using active facilitation, gently tapering off my involvement using the ASPIRE developmental  facilitation strategy.

The ASPIRE developmental facilitation uses a longer-term strategy where the team learns how to facilitate their own processes. I spend more time coaching the members on the process, roles, tools and techniques before and after the meeting. I will only intervene in a way that teaches the team members facilitation skills. The end goal of ASPIRE developmental facilitation is for the team to get to the point that they won’t need an outside facilitator anymore.

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